We have a wide range of emulsions made from polyethylene wax of different melting points and anonyonic, cationic and non-ionic character.

Depending on the ion character of the emulsion, it can be applied in different sectors of the market, providing different characteristics depending on its final application.

Widespread PE emulsions provide a film with high brightness, hardness and strength. They improve the touch of the surface on which they are applied and also lubricate some of them.

For all their characteristics they are widely used in sectors such as leather and footwear, textiles, floors, automotive, inks and paints… and even some are used for citrus coating.


We have non-ionic, annonic and cationic carnauba wax emulsions to offer to our customers.

Carnauba wax is used to make these emulsions, which is a natural wax from the leaves of a palm native to northeastern Brazil.

Carnauba wax is renowned for its gloss properties. It also combines hardness and wear resistance, so its emulsions are used in many sectors of the market. In our case, the Carnauba wax emulsions we manufacture are widely used in sectors such as skin and footwear, inks and paints or soils.


Our formulations have been developed to meet the needs of our customers.

Knowledge of the characteristics provided by our emulsions depending on the sector in which they will be used and their final application, is a key tool to be able to advise our customers when looking for certain characteristics in their products.

Our formulations are present in the following sectors: leather and footwear, textile, paper and packaging, floors, automotive, construction, citrus coating…

Some are developed with specific applications such as: lubrication for bicycle chains, achieve burnt effect when polishing the skin, eliminate weld remains on metal surfaces, creams that provide protection and shine to furniture, formulated useful to thicken our customers’ products…

In Hercha we are open to make studies and developments for the elaboration of specific and exclusive formulations at the request of our customers.


Other products we develop at Hercha are paraffin emulsions, silicone emulsions and resin emulsions.

Paraffin emulsions are widely used on the market when hydrofugation conditions are required in the surface on which they are applied and in specific applications, they manage to improve touch.

Therefore, these emulsions are widely used in sectors such as construction, inks and paints, paper and cardboard or textiles.

Silicone emulsions are used on the market to improve touch, provide protection to certain surfaces and give shine. They are widely used in sectors such as leather and footwear and also in the automotive sector.
Resin emulsions provide a film with high brightness and good flexibility. Therefore, they are widely used in sectors such as skin and footwear and soils.

Hercha also develops screenographic vehicles, tails and additives applicable in the traditional ceramic industry.

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