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Hercha Química was founded in 1993. Since then Hercha is dedicated to the production of wax emulsions and their formulations, so it has more than 25 years of experience in this activity.

The main objective of our company is customer’s satisfaction. In Hercha we work daily to obtain quality products that make easy the work of the customer, as well as provide successful solutions to the complications that may arise in their usual routine. To achieve this, we carry out exhaustive quality controls on our raw materials and the products we produce.

We manufacture end and base products on which our customers create their own finishes in sectors such as footwear, soil treatment, graphic arts, ceramics, textiles, citrus coating, paper and cardboard, etc…. always collaborating side by side, looking for both a commercial and a personal relationship.

Hercha believes in people and their skills and abilities to develop new products, concepts, and services. We have an R+D+i department for the development of new projects and for the improvement of those who need it, working under the ISO 9001 quality certification obtained in 2013.

And of course, we care about the environment. At Hercha we are aware of the importance of developing products that are environmentally friendly, as well as the development of good practices at the time of their elaboration. That is why we certified at the end of 2019 at ISO 14001.

We currently have 10000 square meters of facilities and we have increased the number of workers by 40% in recent years.

HERCHA values above all customer satisfaction and that is why we offer continuous and personalized technical support.



We are a family company, not only at management also with whole workers who formed Hercha, some of whom have been with us since the founding in 1993.

After more than 25 years, Hercha boasts continuity in its direction and family management with a guarantee of the future.

Contact: hercha@hercha.com

R+D+I Laboratories

Hercha has continued growing since it was founded in all aspects it is due to our true obsession in research, development and constant innovation, both in our final products and in the use of new raw materials and work systems.
We continually incorporate new formulations that improve our products or allow us to enter new markets and applications.

Our customers have our full collaboration to solve their technical problems or develop new applications under total confidentiality and professional secrecy.

Do you need technical support to adapt your products or do you need to find that product for a specific application? Hercha is your solution and on this same website you have a direct chat for your queries.

Contact: laboratorio@hercha.com

Quality and Logistics

Another aspect that we take care of in detail in Hercha is the quality of our formulations, as well as the raw materials used. Since 2013 our certification in ISO 9001 has been pushing us to corroborate this aspect and forces us day by day not to let our guard down.

To do this we rely on quality controls to receive raw materials, quality controls in production, laboratory tests and in the total control of the traceability of our formulations.

The same way we are very concerned about serving the customer in time and forms. We prioritize delivery of our orders within the agreed timeframe and provide quick responses to sample inquiries and shipments, something we consider essential so that customers looking to fix a problem or introduce a new product can do so immediately.

Contact: calidad@hercha.com


From the management department we work every day to serve customers and suppliers with immediacy, reliability, and sympathy.

Likewise we work to cover each and every one of the legal requirements, and rely on new technologies to keep them up to date, as well as the training of each of our workers.

Contact: administracion@hercha.com

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