Our products intended for the construction sector are several and have different applications.

Bonding bridge resins are used in construction to help and improve adhesion of all types of cement mortars. They act as a bridge between concretes and mortars of different ages.

On the other hand, mass water repellents are widely used to waterproof concretes and mortars, so that water-repellent impregnations are durable and resistant to decomposition phenomena of all kinds. They serve to water-repellent concrete walls, tanks, swimming pools, basements, terraces, facades, canals, as well as all types of concrete exposed to moisture or in contact with water.

Products intended for the protection of painted facades are also important. They are formulated based on wax and paraffin emulsions that prevent adhesion to the base of graffiti, graffiti, and dirt.

Formulations used as decoupling agents prevent concrete or mortar from sticking when the formwork is removed. They perform this function without altering the appearance of the concrete or preventing the subsequent adhesion on it, of layers of coating, coating, paintings…

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