Marble, terrazzo or granite, are very used natural stones because they look very beautiful. But regular wear and uns suitable cleaners make keeping them shiny complicated. The best way to get them to regain their shine is to re-polish them. To do this, waxes must be used on the ground to provide you with the desired shine.

As important as the polishing of the floors, it is their maintenance. To maintain shine, it will be necessary to wash the soil often with diluted wax in water, which allows to enhance and maintain the brightness of the surface, avoiding removing the layer of wax that provides the shine using conventional scrubs or other aggressive products. We also have products for daily use for this type of soil with non-slip effect to avoid the typical slips that occur in this type of soil.

On the other hand, the self-brighting waxes guarantee the shine in the floors and allow to prolong the times between each application of wax.

In our product catalog we also have waxes for cleaning for all types of soils.

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