One of the great applications of corrugated cardboard is the manufacture of boxes intended for the transport of food from one place to another. It is truly important that food arrives in perfect condition at its destination, so the packaging where it will be transported must be able to protect the product and properly withstand the demands of transport.

At Hercha we have developed a product prepared to apply on the paper used to make the cardboard plates that will then be used to assemble the boxes that will contain the food. It is a product that waterproofs the cardboard, preventing it from being affected by moisture or contact with liquids. Likewise, the applied product is a barrier to oil, grease and water vapour, and therefore guarantees the good condition of the container throughout its journey.

Its application is usually done by means of transfer rollers and their dosing of the required effect and the base of the paper or cardboard used.

As it is a product that will be in contact with food, all raw materials used are authorized for contact with food according to FDA, Food Codex.

Aplicación del producto sobre cartón

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Resultados aplicación (hidrofobia)

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